Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tamarind Hill Malaysian Cuisine

For months now, Ken and I were looking for a time we were both available to meet up for dinner. He is such a busy person and our little date is long overdue. Finally, we were able to settle on an agreement! I had work in Surrey, and he was working in Burnaby, so I chose a location that was midway: New Westminster. Honestly, I would probably never go to New Westminster to eat unless there was a reason, since it was out of the way for me. He always let me choose the restaurant, so we ended up in Tamarind Hill Malaysian Cuisine.

Ken was late! How could he? Well, that’s okay. More time for me to take pictures. When he finally arrived, we were going to order their mussels for an appetizer, but they sold out. It was a Monday night when we went and apparently it was really busy during the weekend. So we ended up with the calamari, which came last because it took us so long to decide.

Mee Goreng ($10.25) This is a stir-fry egg noodle dish with a sweet and sour sauce. I found this standard. It taste just like the ones I order from Chinese cafes, which disappointed me. The only highlight of this Mee Goreng is that the amount of beef, tofu, and vegetables are equivalent to the noodles, but personally like eating more noodles.

Beef Rendeng ($13.25)
Ken chose this. I warned him it had a spicy pepper logo indication beside the menu item. He probably underestimated the level of spice in Malaysian food, he was sweating as he ate this! I have tried curry in other Malaysian restaurants and this is one of the spicier ones. It comes with a bowl of rice. I couldn’t find anywhere on the menu for an option of my favourite coconut rice.

Malaysian Calamari ($8.95)
Served with a spicy house sauce. I enjoyed the sauce, but the calamari itself was not good at all. It was deep fried in old oil, so it had a burnt aftertaste. It also did not have a crispy crunch to it. The coating was very stiff.

Location: Near the Royal City Shopping Centre. There are paid parking along 6th Avenue and 7th Street. But I just parked in the underground parking lot of the Royal City Shopping Centre. You just need to cross the street, which is a 2 minute walk.

Food: I did not enjoy this meal. Only the Mee Goreng was decent. Perhaps their seafood menu is better? I probably will not come back in the future though.
Service: Average; was not very attentive.
Price: The total came to $37 with tax for two people.
Will I come back? No.

- Hippo

Tamarind Hill Malaysian Cuisine
628 6th Avenue
New Westminster, B.C.
Phone: 604-526-3000

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