Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yo Sushi

So I am slowly running out of places to grab sushi. But Meko still managed to surprise me with this newly opened sushi restaurant in North Burnaby. What use to be Bombay Bhel / Bombay Beat Indian Cuisine is now Yo Sushi! The dining area of this restaurant is quite large and spacious. The two of us was seated in a booth that can fit 6-8 people. Everything is newly renovated, so the seating is very comfortable.

Salmon Nigiri and Toro Nigiri
Tasted average. The salmon and toro pieces appear large, but it is actually thinly sliced. Overall, the fish quality was average and the rice was a bit too sticky.

Black Dragon Roll: prawn tempura, cucumber, avocado topped with BBQ eel and unagi sauce ($11.95)
I think this roll can taste better. The unagi did not have much flavour, so most of the flavour of this roll was derived from the sauce. There also was very little avocado in the center. Adding more will definitely improve the roll.

Red Dragon Roll: prawn tempura, crab meat, cucumber topped with spicy tuna, crumbs and spicy sauce ($9.95)
This roll was surprisingly good! There were two pieces of prawn tempura that was fresh and meaty. It was topped with a generous amount of spicy tuna with spicy mayo! The tempura crunch was a very nice addition. Very delicious! Recommended by Hippo.

Yaki Udon: thick white wheat noodles with chicken ($8.95)
Well made, great flavours. No complaints :)

Overall, I think Yo Sushi has potential for growth, but definitely need improvement in some of their dishes. They are still new, so hopefully they will make some changes in the near future and be successful. Quite a decent sushi place for the neighbourhood.

Location: In North Burnaby, on Hastings Street and Madison Avenue. You can park on Hastings after 6pm. There is also street and lot parking on Madison. Should not be a problem on a weeknight, may have a little more trouble during weekends, as Anton's is just next door.

Food: Currently average, need some improvements.
Service: Great. Very pleasant staff members.
Price: The total came to $43 with tax for two people.
Recommended? If you are in the area and is craving sushi, then definitely. But there are a lot more options when you head towards Vancouver and the Downtown area.

- Hippo

Yo Sushi
4266 Hastings Street
Burnaby, B.C.
Phone: 604-299-2500

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