Thursday, February 21, 2013


It is double date night! My bestie with her boyfriend along with Meko and I met up at Suika Snackbar in Kitsilano for some food and drinks. As we all grow older, we started to drift away from the clubbing scene and began to enjoy each other's company with tapas and alcoholic beverages. Suika is the perfect place to hang out and grab a bite!

With a house full of a Japanese staff, you get the true experience of an izakaya restaurant. From the welcoming shouts by all the waiters and chefs, to the speedy way of communication by yelling to the chefs as you order. I personally love it. It gives a close-knit friendly feeling.

Suika's Special - Oysters: royal miyagi ($19.80 per 12 pc)
Very tasty!

My Ebi Mayo: deep fried cilantro battered tiger prawns with chili mayo ($7.80)
I enjoy the huge prawns.

Deluxe Suika Box: deluxe appetizer box, nine kinds ($10)
When we ordered this, we realize that it is hard to share. Lots of vegetables for a healthy snack.

Suika's Special - Assorted Aburi Nigiri: lightly seared and dressed with savoury sauce
Really good!

Suika's Special - Toro Battera: lightly seared pressed fatty tuna sushi with seaweed sauce and sesame soy dressing ($12)
This is Meko's favourite! A delectable pressed sushi - it was very flavourful and delicious.

Suika's Special - Salmon Carpaccio: thinly sliced sockeye salmon with sesame soy dressing, yuzu zest, garlic chips, and wasabi mayo ($7.80)

Earl Grey Tea Creme Brulee ($4.80)
I love Earl Grey, and this was amazing.

Matcha Creme Brulee: frozen matcha creme brulee with fresh whipped cream and red bean sauce ($4.80)
This was surprisingly good! Must order!

Strawberry Soda - left: fresh strawberry, vodka, 7up, soda, and lime ($6.50)
Suika Soda - right: vodka, fresh watermelon puree, calpico, soda, and lime  ($7.00)
All their drinks are really, really good! I recommend all of them! Especially their Suika Soda! I mean, they are called "Suika", which means watermelon, for a reason. Side note: Meko actually prefers my Suika cocktail over his beer :)

Overall, a great place to hang out with friends.  Like a traditional izakaya restaurant, the food portions are all very small, as it is meant to be accompanied by drinks. So be prepared to order more beer to fill your stomach up!

Location: On West Broadway, off Fir Street. We paid meter parking on Fir Street. However, my friends mentioned to me that there are free parking if you are willing to walk further.

Food: The food all tasted excellent and the drinks were very well made!
Service: Good. They bring out each dish one at a time, so as you finish one, you start on the next.
Price: The total came to $145 with tax for four people. This includes alcohol.
Recommended? Yes! Perfect for casual dining with friends.

- Hippo

Suika Snackbar
1626 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C.
Phone: 604-730-1678

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